You may be wondering, what does CEO stand for? The original purpose for the well known acronym was, and still is, Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, but now, with a twist! As this year’s White County CEO class struggled to find the perfect name for our business, we figured out that it has been in front of us the whole time. It’s CEO. A different CEO that defines our purpose in this organization: Creating Environmental Options! 🌏

As a team, we have created a product that this community not only wants, but needs. Although the details can’t be shared with you in this post, CEO - The Green Project hopes that you will continue to follow us on this journey of turning the White County area into a greener, more sustainable community. 🌿

Now, the team here at CEO wants to hear about you! Comment below your name, age, and something that you do to help the Earth everyday. From carpooling with a buddy to your recycling efforts, we want to hear what YOU do!

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